The interactive educational program "Museum Fun" was launched for school camps on June 21, 2023,.

 During the program, children enter the museum portal, where an amazing world of magic and adventure opens before them, they become participants in exciting games:

 In the first location, on a desert island, they are met by Captain Jack Sparrow, the legendary pirate of the seven seas. To get Jack Sparrow's paddle, children overcome obstacles: they cross cobblestones, float on a raft, jump with a ball. And in order to overcome these obstacles, they use objects from different eras.

In the second location near the magic fairy, the players find exhibits from the black box, and guess what fairy tale it is from and transform into the heroes of these fairy tales.

In the third location, a bright world of ethnographic objects opens up in front of them, where Cat Bayun conducts a museum twister, using such artifacts as: a samovar, an iron, a cast iron, a saddle.


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