The opening of exhibition “The Unknown About Known” took place, devoted to the 90th anniversary of the  Karaganda city on February 7, 2023.

 The fact of the relationship between Karaganda and Temirtau cities is unconditional and has been known for a long time. The very existence of the Temirtau city as the center of ferrous metallurgy in Kazakhstan is the result of the Karaganda coal basin development. The fuel for the city-forming enterprise of Temirtau - the Karaganda Metallurgical Plant (from 2023 QARMET JSC) and for other enterprises is Karaganda coal.

 However, few people think that the relationship between Karaganda and Temirtau cities is woven not only from many significant, but also sometimes not very important, unknown events, not always related to the industrial sphere: events from the history of culture, medicine, sports...

 For example, some people know that the history of the Karaganda Academic Theater of Musical Comedy began in Temirtau city, that the Temirtau Medical and Sanitary Unit of the MSU was the main training base for students of the Karaganda Medical Institute, that many Temirtau residents contributed to the development of science and culture in Karaganda and much more.

 We collected these little-known facts, supplemented them with historical photographs from the funds of the Karaganda Regional Archives and exhibits from the funds of the Temirtau city’s Museum  and presented them in the exhibition “The Unknown About  Known,” reflecting the intertwining of the destinies of two cities - Karaganda and Temirtau.


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