The opening of exhibition «Chronicle of Karaganda city» took place  on February 13, 2024. Pictures from the funds of the Karaganda Regional Museum of Art were presented in this exhibition.

 The exhibition is devoted to the 90th anniversary of Karaganda city. It is carried out as  exhibitions exchange between museums in the region.

 The paintings exhibited at the exhibition provide an opportunity to see Karaganda city in different periods of time and represent a kind of artistic chronicle. The basis is made up of picturesque industrial and urban landscapes.

 Thanks to the works of Gilevsky G., Ismailov A., Andriyuk P., Rechensky P. we see the appearance of old Karaganda city and its environs with views of mines and the characteristic outlines of waste heaps.

 Other landscapes take us back to the 70-80s of the twentieth century. They allow you to see how the city is changing, new residential buildings and cultural sites are appearing.

 In the paintings of Protsenko A., Drozdov O., Vedernikov M., Rakov - modern Karaganda city is presented.

 History is made by people, so the exhibition features portraits of Kh. Makazhanov, miner T. Kuzembaev, and cosmonaut T. Aubakirov.

 Each work is written with love, filled with warmth and light. Indeed, for many artists, Karaganda is the city in which they were born, and for others, Karaganda has become their second homeland.

 In addition to paintings and watercolors, you can see works made using the technique, linocut and cut-out images on paper.


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