The Temirtau city’s Museum hosted the opening of an exhibition “City of the Sun Stone” devoted to the 90th anniversary of Karaganda city on February 23, 2024. Pictures of the Karaganda Region Artist’s Union are presented there.

The Karaganda regional organization of the Artists Union of the Kazakhstan Republic celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. It was formed in 1964. This is a team of professional artists, including Honored Cultural Workers. It is the tradition of the Union to hold thematic reporting exhibitions. Therefore, the choice of subjects for the paintings was predetermined by the upcoming anniversaries.

More than 50 paintings are presented at the exhibition. These are works of professional artists who are known to the general public not only in Karaganda, in the Republic, but also beyond its borders. Among them are Askarov Kuat, Begalin Aibek, Vladimir Protsenko, Tansyk Mazhitova, Alexander Bolyukh.

The city landscape occupies a significant place in the exhibition. It is vividly represented in the paintings of Oleg Drozdov and Sergei Shchegolikhin. They contain recognizable streets, courtyards, houses, of the mining capital. As masters of landscape sketches, they were able to capture the beauty in simple, everyday subjects.

The graphic urban compositions of Vladimir Trotsenko and Mustafina Khainisa are very interesting in their presentation. They are made in mixed media in collage format.

Decorative and applied art is represented by the folk craft of felting in the works of Evgenia Shultz and sculpture of small forms by Bolyukh Nadezhda.

Abstraction with symbolic and allegorical signs is present in the paintings of Ovseva Roza and Evgenia Kazakova.
The wealth of genres, techniques and artistic trends makes the exhibition full and interesting for the viewer.


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