A round table event “Hospitable land” was held in the Temirtau city’s Museum devoted to Gratitude Day on March 1, 2023.
Representatives of 93 nationalities live in Temirtau city. They came here, some under the voluntary resettlement program, some received the status of “special settler”, some were exiled and deported, some were evacuated during the Great Patriotic War, many came to build the Karaganda Metallurgical Plant. But they were all able to survive, find themselves and find a second homeland here, thanks to the help of the Kazakh people, who sheltered them, took them under their roof and shared their last piece of bread.
We learned how this all happened from primary sources. Photos, memories and documents are stored in the funds of our museum.
The round table format allowed each participant to provide a folder containing documents on resettlement, deportation, memoirs personally written by witnesses of these events, certificates and comparative documents on population growth in the 50-80s of the twentieth century. This made it possible to take an in-depth look at the conditions under which migration processes took place in Kazakhstan at different periods of time. Part of the working material is presented in a multimedia presentation.
The event was held in the “History of the Temmirtau city” hall in the “Samarkand Village in the 30-40s” section. Here is presented visual material on repressed peoples, deportations and the period of the Second World War.


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