The opening of philosophical exhibition “Dala Ana” took place, devoted to International Women’s Day on March 7, 2024.

 We tried to create an image of a woman that we associate with the steppe. She has all the qualities characteristic of the inhabitants of our open spaces.

 We expressed the image of the steppe woman in snow-white scarves floating in space. The whiteness of scarves is purity of thoughts, honesty, chastity... This is the color of mother's milk - the basis of human life.

 We imagined that a woman with her scarf was hugging her native expanses and her children - a generation of long-suffering but strong people.

 Through a collection of ethnographic exhibits, decorated with ancient Kazakh petroglyphs, we showed the life of steppe women in the 19th – early 20th centuries. The exhibits were supplemented with unique photographs from the funds of the State Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents of the Kazakhstan Republic.

 The exhibition is crowned with the words of M. Auezov: “A woman rocks the cradle with one hand, and the whole world with the other.”

 We invited our visitor to think about the role and status of steppe women, about how they have changed over the past few centuries. Look at the exhibition, get inspired by our idea and agree or protest. Philosophize...


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