A project "Historical Visualization" A presentation “Historical Visualization” devoted to the Victory Day took place on May 6, 2024, .

The goal of the project is to use visualization—a professional reading of memories from the Great Patriotic War stored in the museum’s collections—to evoke in listeners images with heightened emotional overtones.
Participants in the project were actors from the Theater for Children and Youth in Temirtau. Against the backdrop of historical installations from WWII items, they read several stories that brought to life the fates of our heroic ancestors.
The first monologue tells how the destinies of young high school students in the village of Samarkand (Temirtau), who were brought summons to the front to class during lessons.

The second monologue comes from the perspective of a nurse at a mobile evacuation hospital.

The third story depicts a young girl who, on the eve of the war, got a job as an ice cream seller. How her life changed with the beginning of the war, how she had to work at a factory, accompany her father to the front and celebrate Victory in 1945.
“Historical Visualization” is a project that allows you to hear the voices of the wartime generation.


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