December 10, 2018 Round table devoted to the President N. Nazarbayev’s article "Seven lines of the great steppe" was held in the museum of Temirtau city.

Representatives of the creative intelligentsia of the Temirtaucity, poets Romashikhina T.F, Dubovskaya T.U., Vorotynskaya O.V, R. Aldasheva, artists Piltikhin U.V., Khrennikov V.V., journalists Lakhno E.A, Aldasheva R, photographer Romashkin Sh.K., Zhanabergenova D.K, Muratova U.A. and leaders of the ethnocultural centers became participants in the event.

The main historical stages reflected in the article, projects aimed at actualizing the study of national history were voiced and reviewed. The issues of toponymy, the actualization of the creativity of Kazakh writers, the technology of foreign specialists in the study of ancient artifacts, etc. were raised.

Poets Romashikhina T.F. and Dubovskaya T.Yu.  presented poems devoted to the article "Seven lines of the Great Steppe" and the Head of the State.

Reviews on the article of the President were heared. Teacher of KSIU Zhanabergenova D.K. shared the methodology of work on the study actualization of the Kazakhstan’s history  among the student audience. The teacher and poetess Romashikhina T.F. suggested to awaken national pride, to study the history of the native land using legends and literary works of Kazakh authors.

Establishment of mutual cooperation of the Temirtau’s Museum and guests of the event for the implementation of projects proposed by President N.А. Nazarbayev became the result of work.


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