A project "Museum without borders" for people with disabilities acted in the museum during 5 years. Different specialized programs for studying the history, culture and traditions of the Kazakh people are developed in the framework of this project.

9 January, 2019 research event "The history of Temirtau city is in our hands!" was held for children with disabilities in the museum of Temirtau city.

Pupils of the KGI "Cultural Adaptation Center for People with Disabilities of Temirtau city" were guests of this event. The borders of the museum world were extended for children with various diseases. All exhibits are presented in rich. The participants of the event studied the pages of the history of Temirtau city with the help of tactile touches and interactive moments.

The guys learned and held in their hands the goods purchased by residents of the Samarkand village  at the Koyandy Fair, touched the exhibits of the 30-60s, telling about the construction of industrial facilities in the Samarkand  village. Interactive moments were included in the research program - weaving of camcha, building the "wall of friendship". The teamwork methods were used, where the participants gathered together a Komsomol suitcase for departure to the Kazakhstan’s Magnitka and settled in the tent camp of the first builders.

During the event, children received new knowledge on the history of Temirtau, expanded their horizons, improved their communication skills.


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