January 22 a scientific and educational project "The Constructor of History" was held in the local history museum of Temirtau city. It is devoted to the 110th anniversary of the Samarkand settlement.

The introduction of multimedia technologies, modern gadgets (smartphones, tablets) and messenger programs into the scientific and educational activities of museum visitors became a feature of the project.

The first participants of the project were pupils of school №6. They received a letter from the past containing a detailed description of life in Samarkand settlement in 1909-1945. The players had to read the letter and restore some of the missing pieces. Lost fragments are the exhibits that should to be found in the exposition, make a photo and send it to the moderator using the messenger. After confirming the correctness of the sent photo, received in the form of Emoji, you can continue reading the letter.

The task was very difficult. Boys and girls heard  about many objects of the past century, but they were seen in the museum!

Today, Ponomarev Alexander, Ilya Gadeev, Xenia Kirichenko, Alexander Kushnarev and Kirgizbaev Ruslan were able to recover the letter from the past!

We thank the teacher of history Aringazinov G.M. for training intellectuals!

The museum is waiting for those who want to assemble the "Constructor of history" wish with their classmates and friends!

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