22 February, 2019, ethno festival"Custodians of traditions"was held in the museum, timed to the 30th anniversary of the first ethno-cultural centers in Temirtau city. There are German, Korean and Tatar ensemble «Duslyk».

The exhibition hall of the museum has become a creative platform, consisting of three exhibition sections, each of which gives full information about the history of the creation and activities of ethno -cultural centers.The exposition photographic material sends us in the 90s, when a reliable platform was built on which the centers still operate and exist. The first leaders, creative meetings, holidays, work trips are captured in these photos. The geography of their activities is not only Temirtau city, but also the Karaganda region, Ama-Ata, Moscow, Kazan and even foreign tours. Their achievements are supported by diplomas, cupsand medals.Material culture is represented in the subject line, where a folk costume with traditional elements and embroidery occupies a special place.

The guests were met by representatives of ethno- cultural centers - German "Volkshtimme", Korean "Koreina" and the Tatar folklore ensemble «Duslyk» with folk songs, national food, demonstrating the traditions of hospitality.

Students of the «Miras» College and representatives of the ethno- cultural centers visited the festival and congratulated their friends with anniversary.


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